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Established in 1997 and strategically located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Surface Heat Treat and Coatings services a wide range of industrial sectors including tool and die, automotive, automation, mining, oil, nuclear, agricultural, precision machine and an unlimited array of steel fabricators across North America. We are leaders in heat treatment and innovative coating applications, ISO Certified and offer full in house laboratory services. We offer consultative advice on complicated metallurgical issues, certifications and testing coupled with decades of experience managing a diverse range of steel parts and components.

Surface Heat Treat and Coatings is a leader in service, quality and performance offering sand blasting, polishing, delivery, component traceability and around the clock operation ensuring fast turn-around. When it comes to coatings and increased part life, reduced wear and improved performance we offer world class coatings such as Thermal Diffusion (Toyota Diffusion Coating), Arcor/Nitride, Carburization and most recently Boronizing. Whether it be heat treatment or coatings our professional Team has decades of knowhow and experience so give us a call and let us Surface your business.


Stuart Taube

Sales Manager

James DeWitt


Dennis Taylor

Production Manager

Dr. Mehdi Yari


Kaltrina Reka

Administrative Assistant

We offer numerous metal heat treating and coating services for the auto, oil, agricultural, and tool & die industries.